Bali Art Village
10 February 2011

Art is like the blood of the Balinese, implemented in every aspect of their life, including their house ornamented with a lot of carving, to create a high quality arts is depend on the imagination, must be patient and peaceful.

The island of Bali have all of those things, art in Bali passing down generation to generation, from the parent down to the children, and most of the famous artist in Bali is not learn in the school or university, but naturally down from their ancestor, like the water flows down from the mountain to the sea, and every area in Bali have their own typical art.

bali art villageSome time they have the same art but they have deferent style, so the Balinese can recognize which that art from, and the most famous of art area in Bali is Ubud. In Bali, Ubud well-known as the center of the art. Ubud is a district, can be divided in to many village, each village famous with different arts, here is some art villages in Bali :

  1. Tohpati village : is a village famous for Batik, batik is a fabric, hand weaving, clothing, for Balinese Batik very important, use for making office uniform, very often use when they attend the ceremony.
  2. Batubulan village : Batu means stone, and Bulan means moon, this village very famous for stone carving and dances, like the Barong dance and also kecak and fire dance.
  3. Batuan village. Batuan is a village famous for Painting , they have their own style, most of the Batuan style is black and white color, and the topic or the idea taken from the folklore, and also strongly Wayang based ( puppet ) . This involves hundred of intricately painted representations of balinese life, filling every available nook and cranny of the canvas.
  4. Mas village : one of the Bali 's famous wood carver village, part of Ubud, all the villagers here very talented in carving including 15 years old young generation.
  5. Celuk village : celuk is well-known as the center of the gold and silver smith, they do a lot of export, Bali gold is 22 k, and the silver is 92,5 k, but no gold mining in Bali, gold and silver taken from another island part of Indonesia, such as Borneo an Papua etc. in this village just the processing.
  6. Ubud town : Ubud it self very famous with the painting and dances, there are some painting museum in ubud, Ubud famous with young artist painting style, young artist style is more bright color and usually they use nature as the object and the inspiration. and influenced by the western use of perspective and everyday life subject matter, the ubud style is one of the most expressionistic of all bali's schools. despite this, Ubud's art still retains many traditional features, including attention to detail and stylized characters.
  7. And many more art villages in Bali !!!

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