Bali From Prehistoric Times until Today
16 November 2016

Bali is inspiration. The Indonesian archipelago, which consists of around 17,000 islands, is situated on the equator. The islands have rich tropical wildlife and diversity of unique cultures. Bali as a province within the archipelago, with its population of 3 million, a large portion of which follows the religion of Hindu, has given an important value to the uniqueness of cultures in the archipelago.

From pre-historic times to the colonialization era when some of the islands in the archipelago had become business destination, Bali was specially designed to cater for travelersí retreat. Bali saves the most beautiful scenery, which has inspired its people to take care of its natureí resources. Although other islands feature similar ecology the harmonious relationship between nature, culture, and human activities has made Bali a very special place. This special feature of Bali has captured the attention of artists, culturist and travelers alike, from all ever the world. When Baliís culture came into contact with cultures from other islands and countries, especially during the Dutch colonial era it entranced the hearts of connoisseurs from sterner cultures.

The uniqueness of Baliís nature, people and culture led foreigners to choose Bali as their holiday destination. Towards the mid 1960s, along with the first operation of Bali Beach hotel and the boom of tourism, Bali became a key tourist resort, not only in Indonesia, but also in the whole of Asia. The glide of Baliís tourism has helped the economy grow while its ritual life and local culture become even more significant tourist attractions. Baliís cultures are closely tied, making Bali an endless wonder for tourist.

Throughout the course of its history, Bali has been influenced by foreign cultures. This could lead to the decline of its own indigenous culture if the challenge is not faced with determination. The people who have come to love the island, especially foreigners, and undoubtedly will sooner or later be declining have felt changes in the attitude of the Balinese toward the environment. If this challenge is not met then finally, Balinese will find it a worthless effort to uphold the wisdom of life in addressing the global advance and technology in order to protect its taksu (spiritual appeal).

History tells us that Bali had been the final crystallization of the development flourishing of Javaís ancient Majapahit culture. The harmonious integration between the local traditions of Bali with Javanese Majapahit culture, with its Hindu nuances, gave birth to the Hindu culture in Bali, which has a uniqueness of its own. Regarding its position, which is in the middle of range of island stretched out from the east to west, Bali with its unique culture is often called Nusa ning Nusa or the island among a thousand islands. Thought Bali now bears the image as the potential investment destination, it is still appealing for mind enlightenment and an inspiring place for everyone.

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