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Bali Most Visited Tourist Destination

Bali is a small island, but Bali have so many thing to see, here is the list of interesting places in Bali that you have to visit if you come to Bali.


kintamani bali indonesia
Wonderful view of the very active Batur volcano and lake Batur. Batur volcano with an elevation 1717 m above sea level. The Batur area was formed thirty thousand years ago by the eruption of a gigantic volcano. The result is a spectacular area filled with volcano peaks, crater and dramatic views. The view from the rim attract most of the visitors to visit this area. There are many villages around the crater rim and lake and sometimes the area is referred to as Kintamani. Batur volcano has erupted more than twenty times since 1800, in 1917 is a major eruption killed over a thousand peoples. And than eruption in 1926, 1963, 1964, 1974 and the last is on August 7th, 1994. Most visitors come here during lunch time, and early morning for volcano climbing.Thing not to miss

Tanah Lot Temple

tanah lot temple bali indonesia
One of the most interesting and important temple built on the huge rock in the south west shore of the island. The temple was built in 16 centuries by the priest named Danghyang Nirartha during his holy journey in Bali for spreading Hindu. He built the temple dedicated to the God of the sea and transformed his scarf into poisonous snakes to protect the place. When low tide you can walk to a holy spring water at the cave under the rocky temple foundation. This temple very famous for it's spectacular sunset. Somehow in the morning the area very peacefully. Some European prefers to visit the temple in the morning because not so crowded. Thing not to miss !!!

Besakih Temple (Bali Mother Temple)

besakih bali motther temple indonesia
The biggest and the most interesting, important Hindu's temple in Bali located in the slopes on mount Agung (the highest and the holiest mountain on the island). The people call this temple as the mother temple. This temple is a public temple belong to every Hindu Balinese, no matter which caste do they from, what job do they have and which village are they from. The founder of this temple is Sri Markandeya, a priest who came from Eastern Java in the end of the eighth century. thing not to miss !!!

Bedugul Mountain Resort

lake beratan bedugul bali indonesia
A wonderful mountain resorts with the temple in the lake (Ulundanu temple) botanical garden and the fruits and vegetables market. The Ulundanu temple is one of the famous for the tourist and highly revered temple in Bali. Built in 1633 by the King of Mengwi in the Western shore of the lake. It's dedicated to Dewi Danu, source or water and fertility for the land and people of Bali. The temple consists of several shrines, spread along the shore and perched on small islands which appear to float on the surface of the lake with the mountain rising behind. so interesting, Thing not to miss !!!


tegalalang ubud bali indonesia
Ubud is the name of district belong to Gianyar regency well known as the center of the arts of Bali. Ubud consist of many village and each village have their own typical arts such as Celuk (gold and silver village), Batuan (Painting village), Mas (wood carving village), Batubulan famous for the stone sculptor,Barong and Kris dance in the morning, and Kecak and Fire dance in the evening. Ubud also famous for the beautiful rice terraces, monkey forest and in the town itself you can see the palace, walk around the art market. Ubud also have some painting museum. Ubud offer some nice hotels with a very natural, peaceful environtment.Thing not to miss !!!

Goa Gajah (Bali Elepehant Cave)

bali elephant cave ubud bali indonesia
Goa Gajah or the elephant cave temple is a heritage from the eleventh century. There is no elephant here. Goa means cave, gajah means elephant. The cave was used by the Hindu and Buddish priest for meditation. Inside the cave you can see the statue of Ganesh (the elephant head human body, the education God and the symbol of the wisdom) and Tri Lingga (simbolise of Siva God). Outside of the cave you can see the bathing pool and the ruin of the entrance gate. This place just found in 1954. This place was covered by the soil caused of the many earthquake happened in Bali.

Tampak Siring / Tirta Empul Temple

tirta empul tampaksiring bali indonesia
In Tampak Siring you can see Tirta Empul (the holy spring temple) was built in eleventh century. This temple always busy by the prayers who come for a special ritual ceremony called melukat (purification ceremony). The people believe by this holy water we can lose the bad luck and also can be used for medicine. Above in the left side of the temple built the palace of our first Indonesian president, Sukarno.
Uluwatu Temple
uluwatu temple bali indonesia
One of Bali's holiest and most interesting, important temples, built on the edge of a sheer rocky promontory jutting out over the Indian Ocean, about 70 m above the sea level at the southeast part of Bali. It's favourite spot at Sunset with the Kecak & Fire Dance. Accounts of ULUWATU early history a vague, but the Javanese Hindu priest Empu Kuturan almost certainly constructed a mere (multi-tiered that ched shrine) here in the Tenth Century, six hundreds years later Dang Hyang Nirartha another influential Hindu Priest from Java added his own cliffside shrine here. Thing not to miss !!!

Dreamland Beach

dreamland beach pecatu bali indonesia
One of Bali's most famous white sand surfing beach, located in the south of Bali, about 25 minutes drive from Kuta,beautiful green golf course along the way down from the main road of uluwatu,Dream land offers big wave with a very wonderful cliff a long the beach, during weekend the beach very crowded by the local tourist.not only the surfers,a lot of peoples come here just for sun bath lying on the beach under the sun.
Rambut Siwi Temple
rambut siwi temple west bali indonesia
Located in the west of Bali ,about 90 km from kuta,16 km in the west of Medewi surfing beach, is one of Bali,s most important temple.was built in 16 century by the priest who called Dang hyang dwijendra, who sailed across from jawa,he paused at this spot and claimed as a holy place ,he donated a lock of his hair to the villagers.Rambut means hear .The temple built on the clifftop seashore black sandy beaches,with a wonderful rice field views around.

Bali Botanical Garden (Bedugul Mountain Resort)

botanical garden bedugul bali indonesia
Located in the slope of mount pohon,about 65 km in north of Kuta, very fresh air , no pollution. The area cover more than 150 hectares, and include more than 1000 species of plants, including trees, cactus collections, bamboos, orchids, medical plantations, beautiful gardens, flowers, lushes, from east side of the garden you also can see the beauty of lake beratan. the this place is the favorite recreation area for local gets busy at the weekends and on holidays. most of the people who come here usually drive their car around the park.But you also can do trekking here , walking around the park enter the forest and wonderful garden. and also you can join the Bali tree top adventures. It's wonderful. Thing not to miss!!!

Taman Ayun Temple (Mengwi Royal Temple)

taman ayun temple mengwi badung bali indonesia
Taman Ayun is the biggest royal family temple in Bali, located in Mengwi was built in 1634 by the King of Mengwi kingdom. The temple is surrounded by the moat consist of three yard and in the inner yard consist of many Pagodas or Meru. Each court yart has its own function. Here you can also see Wantilan, a Bali traditional stucture/building with various function such as meeting, Bali art performance and also cock fighting which is now ilegal.
Jatiluwih (Bali best rice terrace)
jatiluwih rice terrace tabanan bali indonesia
Jatiluwih Located in Tabanan regency in the northwest of the island in the foot of mount Batukaru well known as the biggest, largest and the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali, very beautiful nature landscape and rice terrace you can enjoy here. You also have a chance to witness about Bali traditional agriculture, see Bali farmer in rice field. Bali village and rural atmosphere combine with Bali daily life can enjoy during visiting this place. Book our special tour visiting Jatiluwih and explore inner of Bali Island.

Gunung Kawi

gunung kawi heritage bali indonesia
GUNUNG KAWI Located about two kilometer in the south of TIRTA EMPUL temple (holy spring temple in TAMPAK SIRING). GUNUNG KAWI is tomb of the King Anak Wungsu and his queen carved on the Pakerisan river bank. About 315 step down to the tomb with a beautiful rice terrace around.

Bali Monkey Forest

sangeh monkey forest bali indonesia
Monkey Forest In Bali there are three famous monkey forests such as UBUD WENARA WANA, SANGEH and ALAS KEDATON. UBUD monkey forest located in the center of UBUD city. SANGEH is the most beautiful forest and ALAS KEDATON is the monkey forest with a big fruit bats.

Waterfall in Bali

gitgit waterfall buleleng bali indonesia
There are few waterfall in Bali such as GITGIT located in SINGARAJA on the way to LOVINA beach, MUNDUK a very beautiful waterfall with a beautiful view of the clove and cocoa plantation along the way , and TEGENUNGAN, a waterfall located near by UBUD.

Goa Lawah (Bali Bat Cave)

bat cave goa lawah klungkung bali indonesia
Goa Lawah is a temple with a thousand bats in the cave behind the temple, founded by Empu Kuturan in 1007 being one of the most important temples. All Balinese will do a special ritual to continue the ceremony (Nyegara Gunung) after the cremation ceremony.

Kerta Gosa

kertagosha klungkung bali indonesia
The court of justice was built around 1710 is one of the left building after the fighting against the Dutch in 1908. This building famous with it's painting in the ceiling which describe the punishment of the soul in the afterlife and beside the Kerta Gosa is Bale Kambang and the museum of the Klungkung regency.

Tirta Gangga (Bali Water palace)

tirta gangga water palace karangasem bali indonesia
The water palace located in the east of Bali with it's cool climate surrounding by rice fields and mountains. It was built in 1946 by Anak Agung Ngurah the last Raja (King) of Karangasem. It is an impressive terraced garden featuring glorious pools water channels and fountains.

Taman Ujung

taman ujung karangasem bali indonesia
It is located 5 kilometer south of Amlapura, Taman Sukasada is the largest of the three water palaces built by the last Raja (king) of Karangasem, Anak Agung Ngurah was built in 1921.

Kehen Temple

kehen temple bali indonesia
Located in the town of Bangli. Pura Kehen is one of the gems among Bali's temple consist of two courtyard, outer yard contain a massive Banyan tree with bell tower built among the branches. Inner court yard contain eleven roofed pagoda (Meru) dedicated to Siva God and other shrines dedicated mountain Gods.


munduk country side buleleng bali indonesia
Munduk means highland, a spectacular view of the twin lake of Buyan and Tamblingan with mountain behind. Nice ride with the coffee, cocoa, avocado and flower along the street. There is a restaurant built on the top above of the cloud very peaceful overlooking to the Northwest coast of Bali with the rice terraces in the distance. Some people call this area as a hidden paradise of Bali.

West Part of Bali Island

bull race jembrana bali indonesia
Part of westernmost Bali are protected as BALI BARAT NATIONAL PARK ( Taman Nasional Bali Barat ) Whose 19,000 hectares of savannah,rainforest,monsoon forest,mangrove swamp and coral reef are home to a range of small animals,prolific marine life and approximately 160 species of birds, including the BALI STARLING , Bali,s one true endemic creature.Just a fraction of the national park is open to the public and its bigest attraction by far MENJANGAN ISLAND ,with spectacular coral reefs invites snorkellers and divers from all over bali.West Bali also famous with it's national park, buffalo races (from May to October) and Jegog (the bamboo music instrument performs by 15 musician).

Bali Traditional Village

penglipuran traditional village bali indonesia
There are three unique traditional villages in Bali, very often called Baliage (the original Balinese). TRUNYAN a village located in the cross of LAKE BATUR in KINTAMANI (not buried corpse), TENGANAN located in EAST BALI famous for it's grinsing or double ikat (hand weaving) and PENGLIPURAN which is located about 10 km in the North of the BANGLI town, famous for it's house architecture.

Batukaru Temple

batukaru temple tabanan bali indonesia
A very silent peaceful temple located in the jungle at the foot of mount Batukaru. Pure Luhur Batukaru is a holy site in the eleventh century and was later consecrated by the Rajas of kingdom of Tabanan who made into their state temple and dedicated to their ancestors Gods. The most important shrine is the unusual seven tired pagoda, which is dedicated to Mahadewa the God of Gunung Batukaru. The farmers usually come here to take the holy water for use in the agricultural ceremonies hoping they will have a good harvest.

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