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Bali Traditional Architecture
25 January 2018
As soon as you step down onto the island of Bali, first thing that draws your attention is the typical of architectural features of the Balinese gate way structure you will pass by at Ngurah Rai Airport or seaports like Benoa, Gilimanuk and Padangbai. Further, on the way to your...
New Year in Bali Indonesia
4 January 2018
Probably the last week of December 2017 will become the busiest time of the year. Completing the works of the year is a duty, while preparing the year end trip or celebration is a need. Many beautiful places in the world offer many festive celebrations. Of course, it would become...
Pangerebongan Temple Denpasar Bali
4 January 2018
Bali Island is unique and worth for visiting while being in Indonesia. Bali Island covered about 5632 km square. Bali population is about 4 million. Most of them are Hindu about 95 percent. Where ever you will go in Bali for your trip, it is easy to find Bali temple....
Tumpek Landep Iron Blessing in Bali Holiday Island
2 September 2017
Tumpek Landep is celebrated every Saturday or Sanisara Kliwon Wuku Landep (every 210 days). It is derived from the word Tumpek meaning close and Iandep meaning sharp. On that account, in the philosophical context, the Tumpek Landep moment poses a milestone of sharpening the citta (heart), buddhi (intelligence) and manah...
Kuta Karnival 2008 - Bali
21 October 2008
The head of Bali famous beach resort, Community Development Institution of Kuta, Graha Wicaksana announced the return of the Kuta Karnival, scheduled for nine days from 18th until 26th October this year. The event marks Kuta community’s commitment to the good times, thus the tagline "A Celebration of Life" has...
Bali Traditional Sport And Game
10 August 2013
Beside from sightseeing to nature, leisure experience can also be obtained by enjoying some intriguing local traditions. There are light daily activities, hobbies, traditional sports and so forth. Many people do this just for getting the experience, not for the end result.
Balinese community has several traditional sports and games....
Jimbaran and Kedonganan Beach as Center of Sea Food in South Bali
27 July 2017
Aside from having fantastic beach, Jimbaran and Kedonganan are also very famous for its grilled fish. Even, the grilled fish of Jimbaran has now become the trademark of grilled fish in Bali. Jimbaran and Kedonganan have become the largest grilled fish market in Bali.

When you have been satisfied to...
Jimbaran and Kedonganan Beach in South Bali Island Indonesia
18 June 2017
Aside from having fantastic beach, Jimbaran and Kedonganan are also very famous for its grilled fish. Even, the grilled fish of Jimbaran has now become the trademark of grilled fish in Bali. Jimbaran and Kedonganan have become the largest grilled fish market in Bali.

When you have been satisfied to...

Bali Art Festival Preserve Balinese Making Art Creativity
28 May 2017
Your holiday to Bali will be more special in this month. Apart from enjoying the nature of Bali and interacting with its inhabitants, you can also watch the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) that takes place for a month. This annual event has been performed since 32 years ago.

In the...

Bali Painting Kamasan Style
27 February 2017
Nyoman Mandra poses a figure of painter carrying the Balinese classical school, fine arts of Kamasan Village, Klungkung Regency, belonging to typical style, has close relationship to the 4’4 performing art, namely puppet shadow play. His expertise as an artist originates in his skill and profound knowledge on the storyline...
Bali From Prehistoric Times until Today
16 November 2016
Bali is inspiration. The Indonesian archipelago, which consists of around 17,000 islands, is situated on the equator. The islands have rich tropical wildlife and diversity of unique cultures. Bali as a province within the archipelago, with its population of 3 million, a large portion of which follows the religion of...
How Farmers in Bali Look After Rice Plants
September 2016

Balinese farmers believe that in order to yield good harvests, they must plant rice on an auspicious day. Therefore, although the rice field is well prepared, they always patiently wait for an auspicious day for planting rice, which is determined in the Lontar Dharma Pemaculan (a sacred book on auspicious...

Bukit Jambul Offer Picturesque Panorama of Eastern Bali Country Side
24 August 2015
The name of Bukit Jambul was given when the Dutch colonial coming to Indonesia. At that moment, the tourist saw a high hill in the south way that related the Klungkung Regency and Besakih Temple. In the top of mountain, there is a holy place named Puncak Sari Temple. Uniquely,...
Gilimanuk Harbor in West of Bali holiday Island
20 August 2015
Gilimanuk is west gate for visitors who come to Bali Island from Java Island by land transportation. It is reached by crossing Bali Strait by ferry from Ketapang Harbor, East Java. Besides Gilimanuk Harbor, there is a beautiful bay named Gilimanuk Bay which is known as Secret Bay. This bay...
Bali Luwak Or Civet Coffee
4 August 2015
Bangli Regency as Bali countryside region, especially area of Kintamani is not only famous for its production of vegetables and tangerine but for the last few years has developed a reputation for its civet coffee production as well. Civit coffee or common called Luwak Cofee is produced not only for...
Batur Hot Sping in Kintamani Bali
24 June 2014
Kintamani is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali offer scenic panorama of Mount Batur and Lake Batur with caldera. Kintamani also offers a natural hot spring located in the mountainous shore of Lake Batur. Aside from being used for recreation, the nature hot spring of Mount Batur is...
Mount Batur Trekking in Bali Island Indonesia
13 March 2014
According to volcanologists a caldera is formed when the magma chambers of a volcano empty, causing the area that was not blown out to collapse. This happened not only once, but twice, -30,000 and 20,000 years ago. The highest point of the first caldera’s rim is Gunung Abang (2152 m)....
The Deep Blue Wander Undewater Adventure with Odyssey Submarine Bali
25 November 2013
Odyssey Marine Adventures takes place in Amuk Bay, just north of the Padang Bai turn off on the road to Candidasa.

From the center of Denpasar, Kuta or Sanur, you can be at Amuk Bay in two hours. It makes for an easy day trip, or as part of an...

Barong Dance in Bali
24 November 2013
Gilded and groomed, worshipped and revered, the sacred Balinese barong may appear well-kept. But truth be told, this wild and wily icon may never be properly house-trained.

The barong that bushy-tailed, bulging-eyed beast is one of Bali’s greatest cultural hits. As a jet-set visitor to the “island of the God”,...

Temple Ceremony in Bali
29 October 2013
Every temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual ceremony or Odalan, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in...
Cycling in Sanur Bali
10 October 2013
Early in the morning, the beaches in Sanur slowly come to life. The jukung traditional outriggers line the beach ready for residents and tourists to travel to Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan. Meanwhile, tourists and residents enjoy an early morning cycle ride.

bali bike rental

Northen Bali Trip To Buleleng Regency
4 August 2013
Buleleng is both physically and culturally the other side of Bali. Long isolated from the south by central volcanic ridge and vast expanse of primary forest, it has developed an unique social and culture features. Buleleng Regency stretches across almost the whole of the northern part of Bali. The area...
Jagatnatha Temple in Denpasar City Bali
24 june 2013
Traveling to Bali is very exciting. We can explore Bali with its unique tradition and day life of life. Besides, we can also visit any interesting places around Bali. One of the recommended trip is going to Denpasar City as the capital city of Bali Province.

Denpasar city located about...

Banyan Tree in Bali Island
7 May 2013
Bali’s enormous, mystical Banyan trees are an awesome sight. Do not be surprised if you see one wearing what appears to be a waiter’s checked apron!

Whether traveling in Bali along main highways or through back- country trails, one of the more impressive sights in Bali is to turn a...

Lempog as Traditional Bali Cake
21 April 2013
When you traveling to Bali Island, there is uncompleted if you do not try Bali traditional cake made of cassava called Lempog. To get a different flavors cassava can be served in many ways such as frying, boiled and mixed. Fried cassava called Sele Goreng, while boiled cassava call Sele...
Kuta Beach Bali
10 Desember 2012
Seemingly it will be very incomplete when visiting Bali without making a stopover on Kuta Beach. Kuta beach is the only beach having a special attraction for tourists, especially those who are young at heart. Here, tourists can enjoy their freedom, whether wishing to sunbathe, or simply enjoy the licking...
Bali Art and Craft
18 September 2012
In Bali, the concept of viewing sculpture as an independent art from and of artists pursuing one’s creative ideas independently s quite recent. In historical times, sculptors to express their creativity. Instead they worked for courts and communities as specialist craftsmen or carvers of stone and wood to produce works...
Bali Architecture is Amazing
20 August 2012
Gates are tall, meru (mountain)-shaped walls, shrines walls puppet-size buildings, and people live mostly in the open with drawing into the intimacy of their small rooms only for the length of the night. The Balinese base their traditional architecture on the Hindu theory of balance among Man, God and Nature....
Hindu in Bali Indonesia
4 August 2012
Balinese Hinduism is called Agama Hindu Dharma and is a blend of elements from Hinduism and Buddhism, these arrived through from Java from India during the 8th to 19th centuries. Element of Mahayana Buddhism practiced in Japan , China and Korea as well as the Indian caste system are now...
25 July 2012
Balinese dance is inseparable from religion. A small offering of food and flowers must precede even dances for tourists. Before performing, many dancers pray at their family shrines, appealing for holy “taksu” (inspiration) from the gods. In this rural tradition, the people say that peace and harmony depend on protection...
23 July 2012
Balinese dance goes back as far as its written history. Ninth century inscriptions name the wayang (puppet theatre) and topeng (mask dance) as the main entertainment of the day. Gamelan music goes back still further to the Dong Son bronze culture of the first millennium BC. Apart from the trance...
Garuda Wisnu Kencana Culture Park Bali
6 June 2012
Traveling to Bali, it is worth visiting some of the interesting places which Bali offers for tourist. One of them is Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a statue. This statue is located at Bukit Unggasan - Jimbaran Bali, a Balinese masterpice work of I Nyoman Nuarta. At this...

Wedding in Bali with Balinese Way
1 April 2012

The pawiwahan (marriage, weddings of a Hindu couple) is a very important part of Balinese social life. The ritual generally takes place in the home of the groom, a further confirmation of the typical patriarchal inclinations of Balinese culture, and is performed by a priest. The newlyweds to be dressed...

Tirta Gangga Bali Tourist Destination
5 March 2012
Approaching from the south along the coast beyond Klungkung, the traffic thins and the pace slows as the main road finally meets Bali’s east coast. Undulating irrigated rice fields give way to the sun’s blazing heat on this arid stretch of road which passes fishing villages, beach side salt processing...
Bali Nekara at Penataran Sasih Temple
27 March 2011
Bulan Pejeng in fact is a large bronze drum (nekara) of prehistoric from Bronze Age that were developed around 2000 years ago. This cultural heritage is one of the sacred article, kept in Penataran Sasih Temple in Pejeng Village, Gianyar and is located on the main street of Tampaksiring-Kintamani so...
Bali Art Village
10 February 2011
Art is like the blood of the Balinese, implemented in every aspect of their life, including their house ornamented with a lot of carving, to create a high quality arts is depend on the imagination, must be patient and peaceful.

The island of Bali have all of those things, art...

Bali Way of Life
8 February 2011
In Bali, art, culture, religion and the tradition is a unity. Art derive from culture, culture based on the religion, and the religion is their tradition, and the tradition is their way of life.

No day without offering, no week without ceremony, and no month without big festival, that is...

Bali travel guide and tips
7 February 2011

Some useful travel tips about what the tourist can do and what the tourists can't do during their holiday in Bali:

  • Be polite
  • Never touch the head of Balinese , otherwise you already be their good friend for along time, for Balinese head is something sacred and...
Bali Cremation Ceremony
7 February 2011
Bali all people when they dead must be cremated, except the baby under 6 months old, cremation in Bali called NGABEN , ngaben derive from world ngabuin which is means making ashes, the function of cremation ceremony is to return the element of the body to its origin, the body...

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