Bali travel guide and tips
7 February 2011

Some useful travel tips about what the tourist can do and what the tourists can't do during their holiday in Bali:

  • Be polite
  • Never touch the head of Balinese , otherwise you already be their good friend for along time, for Balinese head is something sacred and holy.
  • Women during period is not allowed to enter the temple.
  • Always bring your sarong ( cloth ) when you do sightseeing tour, because when you     enter the temple you have to wear it, but some temple already provide it for free use.
  • Be aware of monkeys when you enter monkey forest or temple with monkey, because they like to steal the glasses, hat, and earring.
  • In the some tourist objects there will be some vendors or sellers in the street, if you don't really want to buy , don't try to look, or to touch it. When you look, it's mean you want to buy, they will follow you and never promise them to buy later, they will ask your  promise, it's better to say NO THANK YOU.
  • Bargain is common in Bali, but never bargain the food in the restaurant or some stores with fixed prices.
  • Never bargain the entrance ticket.
  • When there is temple ceremony, never take picture from front of people praying, you can take from beside or from behind.
  • If you take taxi, don't forget to ask the driver about its meter taxi running normally or not. If you drive short will be better to use taxi meter, but if drive for long distance or for tours better to buy a tour packages or charter a car. because taxi meter will cost very expensive.
  • Be careful to change the money, find the legal money changer, many illegal money changer, usually they put very high rate out of standard, but they will take commission.
  • Always check your money before leaving the money changer, and you must the last one to check your money. Better calculate with your own calculator.
  • The rate of the hotel money changers are always smaller than out side, so better try the legal authorized money changers out side.
  • Bring drug to Bali is dead finality.
  • You must have international license if you hire car or motor bike and drive carefully, always use helmet if you hire a motor bike.
  • Never cross the white bother line in the traffic light, other wise the police will find you.
  • For women single traveler be careful if you go to night club, all the man will try to get closer to you.
  • For man single traveler be careful if you go to night club, other wise you will go home to your country only using under wear, so many local women from outside of Bali try to catch you, they will ask you to buy everything for them , they love your Money.
  • Don't forget to safe Rp 150.000 thousand for your airport tax, when you are leaving.
  • Rain season during October until April, so don't forget to bring umbrella.
  • Do not walk on the offering along the street or anywhere when you see it.
  • Bali well known as the safest island in Indonesia, but you have to be careful with you belonging also.
  • Balinese very friendly, you must keep smiles, when they say hello, you must reply their greeting when you meet them in the street or everywhere around Bali.
  • Ask people in the street when you lost the way.
  • Keep Bali Clean, always throw away the rubbishes in the provided places.
  • Don't drink the water tap, avoid of stomachache.
  • West and south beach of Bali have a very big wave and strong current and not in every beach there is life guard on duty, so if you are not good swimmer, you have to be careful, always swim at the allowed area only.
  • It is very impolite showing things using leg or feet in Bali.

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