New Year in Bali Indonesia
4 January 2018

Probably the last week of December 2017 will become the busiest time of the year. Completing the works of the year is a duty, while preparing the year end trip or celebration is a need. Many beautiful places in the world offer many festive celebrations. Of course, it would become a grandiose merriment for you and family.
The Hindus in Bali has some traditions to mark the celebration. They celebrate Caka New Year based on lunar calendar named Nyepi or Day of Silence. It is preceded with procession of exorcism rites and then resumed with a parade of papier- mâché demons accompanied with some traditional music in each customary village. The next will fall on March 16, 2010. On the day of silence, Bali is truly silent and the Hindus perform self-control and contemplation while other devotees respect them.
The second celebration is Banyu Pinaruh falling every 210 days in Pawukon calendar. It is celebrated one day after Saraswati Pooja falling on wuku or seven-day week Watugunung. Banyu Pinaruh is begun by worship and then resumed with flower bath or bathing on the beach for spiritual purification. Sanur Beach, Kuta Beach and other beaches are flocked to by Hindu devotees wishing to bathe. It is like other universal traditions where people believe in anything in the shape of a ring is a good luck. It represents “the coming of full circle” that has completed a year’s cycle.
Essentially, keywords of the first celebration are silence, contemplation, self-control and so forth, while the second one contains purification, flower bath, and bodily cleansing. In modem lifestyle, the rituals above correspond to the inspiration of yoga, meditation and spa treatment. Certainly, this ritual tradition can become an idea to fill in your unforgettable New Year’s celebration on this island. In short, this is a celebration intended for the inner self and private life.
Meanwhile, if the celebration is intended for ‘outer self’ or joint public, Bali has many to offer. Based on the event in the previous years,Kuta Beach usually had its own grandiose celebration between the pounding of waves, silence of the white sand and magnificent sunset. Various traditional arts performances are organized to pamper the residents and visitors. Another downtown festive event is releasing the sun while waiting for the date change and the next sunrise. In the previous years, this event is usually held at the central point of Denpasar City, namely at Puputan Badung Square. Several performing arts graced the event from noon until late morning. Thousands of visitors, both locals and foreigners, coming led in the grandiose celebration of the island. At midnight, right at the date change, the sky of Denpasar and its surroundings looked so vibrant jazzed up by fireworks and the sound of trumpet was replied by one after another. As in the past organization, certainty of the public event like these will be announced about two weeks before the celebration.

Meanwhile, some residents ordinarily prefer to celebrate at their own hamlet. Organized by customary village youth club or Sekaa Taruna, they celebrate the New Year through charity bazaar. On that account, it is not surprising if some village meeting halls suddenly turn into a busy place accompanied by music.

To sum up, celebration on the island should be memorable. Whether preferring a private celebration with friends and family or public, you will have many choices. Moreover, hotels at famous tourist resorts in Bali will take the year end moment to offer their best program like New Year’s Eve Dinner with diverse themes and cuisines. Now, it will depend on your choice, dissolving in silence with private life or joining public event with a variety of arts and dining function. Ultimately, Happy New Year for all and let us celebrate it in Bali!

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